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Category: Portfolio News

Quarterly portfolio updates - Q1 2022

It’s time for our quarterly portfolio updates!

Investment News

As of March 2022, our portfolio company 3D Planeta has changed their name to Terris. They’re still the same innovative and diverse company that they’ve always been – with a brand name to better reflect their vision as the new era of earth intelligence.

In late January, our portfolio company Proof was acquired by Daylight Automation. Proof’s co-founders, Ben Sanders and Wesley George, took on leadership roles at Daylight as vice president of business development, and vice president of solutions engineering, respectively. Congratulations!

In January, our portfolio company TrojAI announced they secured $3 million in seed funding, and we’re proud to be a part of that. TrojAI’s team works on increasing protection against security threats to AI platforms.

Event & Award News

In February, our portfolio company Carbide won two distinctions in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards! Carbide won the GOLD award for “Best Compliance Solution” and the SILVER award for “Best GDPR Compliance Solution.”

New Job Openings

Keep an eye on our blog for more quarterly portfolio updates throughout the year.

Investment News

It’s time for our quarterly portfolio updates!

We’re proud to announce our newest portfolio member, trophi.ai! trophi.ai joined us in December 2021 and is building the future of AI-enhanced coaching. They offer athletes the ability to up their game by leveraging the latest in AI technology. For the first time, the benefits of professional coaching will be accessible to everyone with an internet connection. 

Our portfolio company Securicy changed their name to Carbide and announced an additional $4.1M seed funding. The additional funding finishes off a successful year with 300% customer growth and a doubling in team size. Carbide currently has over a dozen job openings available.

Back in November, our portfolio company Rally received a $500,000 investment through ACOA’s Regional Economic Growth through Innovation (REGI). With this funding, Rally will create seven highly skilled jobs and support the development of their software through various marketing activities.

Event & Award News

During the Renewable Natural Gas Conference in December, Anessa presented a panel about Evaluating RNG as an Investment

In November, Talkatoo was one of 8 finalists to present at the Annual SAAS NORTH PitchFest in Ottawa.

At the end of October, Rally graduated from the Genesis Centre’s incubator program.

October was a great month for our portfolio company TrojAI, as well. They won the “Most-Promising Start-up” award during the 5th Annual ACADA Industry Excellence Awards. TrojAI was one of four Atlantic Canadian companies to be celebrated for their success and excellence in the aerospace, defense and security industries. 

In addition, TrojAI was recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor for Adversarial Assistance. They were also among the Top 5 Startups to compete at the 2021 Startup Global Pitch Competition. 

More exciting news in October came from Anessa, who made the list of finalists for the 2021 Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

3D Planeta was among 12 top-performing companies across Atlantic Canada to present at the 2021 Technology Showcase at the Atlantic Venture Forum.

Moreover, TrojAI, Anessa and 3D Planeta were among 6 Atlantic Canadian companies to present at the CIX Atlantic Canada Tech Showcase.

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our investment in Newfoundland-based Trophi.ai, alongside several angel investors. 

In traditional sports, we have distilled performance into a science. Everything from player evaluation to team composition can be broken down into both quantitative and qualitative data. 

With professional sports being one of the most competitive career choices one can make, how does one get an edge? How does one rise to the ranks of the world’s best? 

The answer to that question has long been coaching, which still rings true. The skills gap between athletes with a coach and those without will only get larger as we continue to push the boundaries of sport and performance.

However, there remains the problem that coaching is often too expensive and out of reach for millions of athletes. As the Trophi.ai team puts it: “Right now, somewhere in the world, there is someone who has extraordinary talent. Talent that will likely go undiscovered because, for all the natural ability they have, they lack one core component of greatness. They cannot access world-class coaching.”

The Rise of eSports

The rise of eSports has offered many athletes the opportunity to go pro in this new category of professional sport. As we have seen before, this career opportunity is becoming a top choice for many aspiring athletes. How can we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their skills and rise up as eSports gains momentum? 

Trophi.ai is building the future of AI-enhanced coaching. They offer athletes the ability to up their game by leveraging the latest in AI technology. For the first time, the benefits of professional coaching will be accessible to everyone with an internet connection. In a world where competition has never been more intense for professional sports, the timing couldn’t be better.  

The team intends to leverage their experience to help democratize performance. They have run the biggest racing school in the UK and worked with racing teams such as Ferrari, Renault Sport, and Porsche.

They believe that the next generation of Formula 1 champions will be trained by AI. This is therefore their first stepping stone into eSports. If that excites you, then visit our jobs page to see their open positions and join their team. 

Welcome to the portfolio Trophi.ai!