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Author: Patrick Hankinson

Author: Patrick Hankinson

I started tracking job creation numbers of a number of Atlantic Canadian startups in November 2016 to better understand what was happening in the ecosystem. I started taking it seriously in July 2017.

Job Creation in the Atlantic Canadian Startup Ecosystem for 2019 and Q4 2019

The database has grown a lot over this time.  In fact, I am now tracking 947 companies across Atlantic Canada.  As it has grown, so has the complexity. With this complexity, it means the data isn’t perfect but my data collection methods are improving each time.

Even though the data isn’t perfect it usually paints a pretty interesting picture of what is happening in the ecosystem.

Year over year the startup community has grown a lot, boosting the local job creation.  From my count, there have been roughly 1,500 net new jobs created in the ecosystem.  

However, in the last quarter, the region saw the largest contraction of jobs that I’ve seen since I started doing this.  The number of jobs declined by about 350, bringing the number of employed by the sector to 7,950. That is even with 47 new companies that I started tracking last quarter.

The good news is there are a lot of relatively young companies that are growing at a rapid pace year over year with no visible signs of slowing down.

Who hired the most in 2019?

Company NameEmployee CountNet New Employees for 2019
Genoa Design15545
Dash Hudson10735
Mysa (previously Empowered Homes)4815
CarbonCure Technologies4113
Kinduct Technologies7011

Who hired the most last quarter (Q4 2019)?

Company NameEmployee CountNet New Employees (Q4 2019)
Genoa Design15514
CarbonCure Technologies415
Procedure Flow215
Dash Hudson1074
Mysa (previously Empowered Homes)484
Colab Software214
ABK Biomedical Inc.274
VMO Solutions113
LuminUltra Technologies573
Eigen Innovations Inc263
Solid State Pharma Inc.203
Rayleigh Solar Tech43

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