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Investment in 3D Planeta

Patrick Hankinson

Published July 5, 2021
3D Planeta

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our investment in 3D Planeta alongside NBIF and a number of angel investors. 

The role of geospatial data

Geospatial data is all around us and it is now abundant as ever. We interact with geospatial technology all the time. When we navigate with Google Maps, play games like Pokemon Go, or even farm land with GPS-assisted technology. Geospatial technology has allowed us to interact with our surroundings in ways never done before. 

Despite all these growing use cases, we still experience a core setback: we have always used geospatial technology in a 2D realm. Viewing either static 2D images of our earth, or simulated 3D models. It hasn’t been possible to generate true 3D images on-demand at scale. 

While most everyday use cases work just fine with 2D imagery. Those in land-use planning, crisis management, public safety, and even agriculture, have a need for more detailed information. This can only come from adding a third dimension to static 2D imagery. 

Professionals in the disaster management and emergency response sectors experience this problem first hand. For these professionals, quality operational intelligence about the environment they work in can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Safety first

Certain tasks have always required in-person surveillance. For example, understanding how a flood has impacted access to roadways and nearby communities, or seeing how an earthquake impacts rescuer’s ability to move into an area, requires people on the ground. Therefore putting responders at risk of moving into unknown terrain and delaying overall response time. 

3D Planeta allows professionals to do this recon remotely. Giving them the ability to generate 3D models on-demand wherever 2D imagery exists, from any aerial source (satellites, drones, cameras, etc.). 

3D Planeta takes standard 2D aerial imagery and creates a true 3D image with accurate x, y, and z coordinates. This data is then made available in a digital environment with overlays such as weather, streets, and building information. A crisis response planner responding to an earthquake can now see the height of debris and what roads are completely blocked. Moreover, they can see how debris impacts the visual line of sight to first responders. 

A professional planning the development of a new highway or solar installation can now determine how to move assets into an area and what the terrain looks like. In addition, they can overlay CAD drawings into a true 3D space. All from the comfort of their office, without the need to visit the site in person. 

Viewing real-time changes

Further to this, professionals can also view real-time changes to their surroundings with 3D Planeta’s change detection engine. This allows users to view how the operational environment is changing from a three-dimensional perspective. Environmental professionals can monitor erosion and deforestation. They can then overlay additional data to determine the impact these events might have on the surrounding environment. 

This type of technology demands a very special team to bring to market. The 3D Planeta team understands the challenges professionals face when planning complex operations in remote or dynamic environments. 3D Planeta has experience in building technology companies, managing advanced warfare centers for the armed forces, and bringing people together around a collective mission. We believe that 3D Planeta has the right team to change the way we interact with our surroundings. 

Welcome to the portfolio 3D Planeta!