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Investment in Anessa Biogas

Patrick Hankinson

Published June 3, 2021
Welcome to Anessa

Today, we are very excited to announce our investment in Anessa alongside Greensky Capital, NBIF, East Valley Ventures, and several angel investors. 

Biogas production is an incredibly complex process to run at scale. With over 132,000 facilities globally, and nearly 5,000 new plants slated for construction in the USA alone, the biogas industry is proving itself to be a strong contender in the renewable energy space. Anessa is ready to capitalize on this emerging market.

The benefits of biogas

The benefits of biogas production are incredibly well documented and researched. Yet, more than 58% of new plants fail and many more never make it into construction. Anaerobic digestion is the method in which organic waste breaks down into a biofuel (or biogas). This clean fuel can then generate electricity and heat. In addition, it can be upgraded to power some of the world’s most advanced cargo ships.

Because the process is 100% organic, real-time data does not exist for operators. By the time they receive warnings about what is happening inside the plant, it is often weeks too late. Anessa gives operators the ability to see into the future. By using predictive analytics, operators can now see how the decisions they make today will impact the production weeks from now.

Where Anessa comes in

The construction of new facilities remains a huge barrier to entry for this industry. For example, builders must estimate hundreds of variables to determine if a plant will be successful post-construction. Anessa can remove this uncertainty. They give builders the ability to glimpse into the future and understand how their new facility will perform post-construction.

The Anessa team is world-class. We learned this very quickly upon meeting them for the first time. Because they are Engineers by training, they understand the challenges operators face. Additionally, they understand how the software they built can impact the entire biogas industry. Anessa enables builders and operators to pursue one of the cleanest energy sources available, while taking waste out of our landfills.

Welcome to the portfolio Anessa!