Atlantic Canada's Pre-Seed Fund

We find great ideas and founders in Atlantic Canada that are ready to build massively scalable businesses and work with them to grow their businesses.


About the Fund


Fund Size

$17+ million

Investment Size

$100,000 to $750,000





Fund Length

10 years


By founders, for founders.

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Who's Behind The Fund?

Patrick Hankinson
General Partner

Patrick Hankinson has the perfect mix of operating and investing experience that can truly help scale companies.  He was a co-founder of Tether, which grew into a multi-million dollar profitable business. He was also a founder of Compilr, which was acquired by and subsequently LinkedIn.

He is a key member of the East Coast startup community as a mentor and investor.  He has personally invested in 14 companies and is actively involved in a number of local entrepreneurial organizations.  He has also served on the Board of Brilliant Labs.

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Why work with us?


We’ve been there, done that. From operating technology companies to investing in many startups.  Our pool of limited partners include a vast array of experienced entrepreneurs & investors across a number of industries that are ready to help our businesses.


With the help of our partners we provide our portfolio companies with resources from service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Adwords, and we’re always looking to add more.



We're happy be your lead investor, syndicate deals or be your only capital partner.  We can continue to invest up to 10% of our fund into your company, if you perform and hit your milestones.  We then work with financing partners to help you continue growing your company.


Our fund is made up of 20+ limited partners of some the region's top entrepreneurs & investors.  This comes with a whole host of benefits including them potentially being your next investor, your next customer or even a board member/advisor.

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